Keep an eye on your kids with this app!

drdigible.comWe all want to keep an eye on our children. They are mobile and cant stand still. What if an app could help you keep an eye on your children… I mean literally help you keep your children’s eye?

Enter Professor Bryan Shaw, a Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Baylor University. His son, Noah was diagnosed at an early age with a form of eye cancer known as Retinoblastoma which can be detected by a white pupil or Leukocoria. That got him thinking.

So he came up with the ‘White Eye Detector‘, a mobile application which helps a normal parent to detect this white pupil simply by a close up picture. Professor Shaw went as far as grading the intensity of the white eye and this has probably opened up a new avenue in Medical Photography.

But not finding anything on a pupil cannot entirely rule out this deadly eye disease. Studies on using this phenomenon of lighting up the eyes, called the ‘Red Reflex‘ have indicated that position of the photo and stage of this tumor plays an important part in detection.

Noah managed to save one of his eyes and all you have to do is keep an eye, or this app on your children’s eye in the first three months. We would also like to see an Android App of this soon!

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