Adding a Wikipedia Article using Microsoft Word


Typing is hard! Shortcuts are good!

Wikipedia is the world’s most common pool of human knowledge. Its a place where literally anyone can start writing or be a critique of published articles which maybe academic or otherwise. However, typing on a ‘wiki’ is a little bit like having to learn to code in HTML. You know its useful but you just can’t get yourself to getting started.

The tips below will allow you to use Microsoft Word and get you on your way to contributing your favorite articles.

Before you start

  1. Do your research. Find as many sources on the internet about the article you want to write and save them for later.
  2. You will first need to create an account in Wikipedia.
  3. You will need some general knowledge on starting an article.
  4. While you will not need all of it, you will require some of the wiki code.
  5. Make sure you play around with sandbox mode before you start.

After logging in ‘Sandbox’is just above ‘Search’

Using Microsoft Word

  1. Open a new document in Windows
  2. Type what you want to type keeping these few shortcuts in mind to help the conversion to wiki code a little easier
    ♦ Articles should be written in a neutral, point of fact manner.
    ♦ The basic styling like bold and italic will convert easily into wiki code.
    ♦ Most Wikipedia articles usually have black text.
    ♦ When you want to start a topic the headline should inserted as heading 1 & when when you want to start a sub-topic it should be heading 2 and so on.
    ♦ You will have to add images inside the wiki.
    ♦ You will have to add references inside the wiki.
  3. Save your document in HTML format.
  4. Now go to the same document and open with Notepad.
  5. Copy the text and you now have the HTML code.

Converting HTML to Wiki Markup

  1. Go to
  2. Paste the code in the area under “Input your sources here”
  3. Click ‘Convert input’
  4. Below this you now have your wiki code! Select all and copy.

HTML to Wiki code!

Creating the article in Wikipedia

  1. Go through every step of the Wikipedia Article Wizard very carefully. If you article is original, is not a copy and has good sources, you will be fine. In general the steps would go like (disclaimer: these steps are for a typical article submission and can vary)

    – Write an article nowSubject – No, my proposed article doesn’t already exist on Wikipedia (then select type of article)

    – My proposed article is about a notable company and is not advertising

    Source – My proposed article has good sources (If you do not have good sources you cannot publish the article)

    Content – My submission is neutral, establishes notability, and is not copy-pasted from anywhere else

    End – If you have come here then write the title of your article and click ‘Create a new article directly’ or use the other method if your not confident.

  2. You will need to upload images to Wiki Commons before adding them to your article. Once again images should be original, owned by you or at least you have permission. At the end of the upload you will be given the wiki code to add the image. (Tip: Login will be the same as Wikipedia)
  3. Paste the wiki code you got from between the lines “<!— Write your article below this line —>” and “==References==” in the wiki editor.
  4. If you have uploaded any images use the code given which should usually be something along the lines of “[[File:Sri Lanka Medical Association Logo.png|Sri Lanka Medical Association Logo]]”
  5. Finally you will need to add your sources for your article. This video will show you how.
  6. Remember you can keep on previewing by clicking the ‘Show preview’ button.
  7. Once your done click ‘save page’ and you are done.

Beware of the bots

As must be obvious by now, each and every word of your article will be checked against the internet to see how original your article is so keep this in mind.



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