Quit smoking with a digital lighter!

QuitbitSome of us get addicted and some of us don’t. That is the nature of the human being. We are all wired differently. But what if you really desperately wanted to quit an addition? Say smoking for example? Enter the Quitbit “The only lighter that helps you quit smoking”

Now while lighting up to quit might sound strange the creators don’t think so. They are so sure when you see the QuitBit’s technology like the amount of times you have smoked, your duration between smokes and an app to control your quitting targets that they have taken it over for fundraiser at Kickstarter.

Now while having an app to help you quit is nothing new using your lighter to inform you before you light up kinda sounds like a great idea. I mean think about it. You are going to have to look at your lighter’s info right? “Tracking is one of the most important factors in one’s health,” Ata Ghofrani told Engadget at a recent event. Right on.

Worth checking out their video below:

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