eHospital Dompe in the international spotlight

eHealth success stories are a relative rarity due to its difficulty in implementation. So its nice to see a success story from a tiny island like Sri Lanka.

We have previously featured eHospital Dompe and this is an update. This successful project has now been featured in the reputed FutureGov Asia.

The process of getting an appointment in this hospital and indeed any government hospital in Sri Lanka is an arduous process sometimes taking hours to get an appointment number. By dialing 0711-370370 you just need to follow operator instructions to get an appointment which can be produced at the front desk at Dompe Hospital.

While this is a milestone what of the HHIMS itself? “With the implementation of the HHIMS, doctors and the hospital staff can now move away from the traditional and paper-based way of managing patient information and drug inventory,” says Bandula Ranathuga, project manager at the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils.

While it can be agreed to an extent that HHIMS has been a success, Sri Lanka is also going through a process of developing eHealth policy and regularizing all health software. So the jury is still out on how far this project will go.

Source: FutureGov Asia

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