Can we increase disease awareness on Lupus with Facebook? These people did and the result are in…



Facebook chat, that light hearted tool for fun and frolic, has now been used as a tool to increase awareness on the autoimmune disease, lupus.

A study, titled, “Utilizing Facebook Chats to Convey Health Information to Lupus Patients at the Lupus-Antiphospholipid Syndrome Center of Excellence at Hospital for Special Surgery” set out with the objective of increasing awareness, reaching a wider audience, allowing for interaction between patients and health care providers, and answer patients’ questions about lupus.

A facebook page was advertised via promotions and on the platform’s advertising tool. Participants were encouraged to ‘Like’ the facebook page and post questions. The HIS team initiated 3 chats over one year from May 2012 to May 2013 with participation from over 6 countries, upto 123 participants and 162 questions. It was unclear what sort of chat tools was used, perhaps Chat for Pages?

This is indeed a wake up call for hospitals to strategise their use of social media as form of community outreach instead of as a pure advertising method.

Source: News Medical

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